March 19, 2018

"I called J&H Plumbing a couple of days ago and the owner himself, John Hopkins, came to the house! It was like having a reunion because we have been using J&H since approximately 1992 and met John then when the company was still fairly new. They replumbed the house we were living in, gave us a decent estimate and did great work. We've been using them every since then. Three years ago we moved and called on them again to replumb the current house, only this time they replaced all the pipes under the house which drain in the sewer system because it is a mobile home. J&H, thank the Lord, is very versatile. Again they did excellent work and I haven't had any problems since. More recently, this month, they have replaced a worn out kitchen faucet and leak below the sink, plus they replaced the shower faucet and now we can shower without being scalded or chilled. I am so pleased! My grateful thanks to J&H Plumbing. Oh - they're licensed, bonded and insured also which is comforting. This sounds like an ad but I'm just so grateful for their quality of work and honesty."